Boa constrictors make extraordinary pets

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Boa constrictors make extraordinary pets

There are a few subspecies of the boa constrictor (with the species name boa constrictor) that are found all over the country. Red-tail boas (Boa constrictor) and Boa constrictor imperator can be ordinarily found in the pet trade alongside several other less common kinds. The method of care for every one of these animal varieties is genuinely comparable.

  • Names: Boa constrictor.
  • Measure: 8 to 10 feet long
  • Life expectancy: 25-30 years is regular; most seasoned recorded was 43 years

Boa Constrictor Temperament and Behavior

Boas raised in captivity commonly more docile and healthy than the boas caught in the wild. Boas from South America are marginally more aggressive and will have the tendency to hiss if they feel threatened. When all is said in done, boa constrictors are solitary snakes.

Housing Boa Constrictors

While young boa constrictors can be perfect in a glass aquarium, bigger snakes will require a custom housing, either monetarily acquired or developed at home. Boa constrictors are amazing and will escape if provided with the opportunity so secure the enclosure properly.

The ideal housing size for a mature boa constrictor is around 6 to 8 feet long, 2 to 3 feet wide, and 2 to 3 feet tall. The base is around 10 square feet of floor space (for a solitary snake). You should have the capacity to maintain a high temperature in the cage and be able to properly clean it as well.

Lighting and Warmth

Ensuring the temperatures in your snake's housing is adequate by providing precise thermometers with estimations in a few areas basking spot, cooler end, warm end). A blend of heating pads, ceramic heating elements and incandescent bulbs can be utilized to maintain the temperatures.


The presence of a heat source and a large bowl of water in the cage will create evaporation, thus the relative humidity of the cage will be maintained. The snake will probably move into the bowl for showers, so ensure it is durable and sufficiently huge. It ought to be cleaned consistently and snakes will likewise regularly dip into the water. The shedding process can also be faster if there is water for the snake to bathe in.


An assortment of substrates can be utilized in boa constrictor cages. For a young snake, fixing the enclosure with paper or paper towels is the best choice for simple cleaning. For mature boas, paper can likewise be utilized, as well as something that looks like an indoor/outdoor carpet. A proper tree branch that has been sterilized and sufficient to hold the snake's weight should be installed in the cage.

Water and Food

Typically, younger boas require more food than their counterparts. Younger boas ought to be fed once weekly, intermediate boas once every 2 weeks and mature snakes require feeding once monthly. Proper feeding is important to maintain a good health condition for the snake.

Most snakes kept in captivity are overfed and obesity becomes a problem. Hatchling snakes can be fed one rabbit or one mice per feeding while a full grown boa constrictor will eat a couple of rodents per meal or one rabbit each month.

Common Health Problems of Boa Constrictors

The most serious disease that can affect boa constrictors is known as inclusion body disease, or IBD. They can also suffer from respiratory. And finally, poor husbandry practices can lead to scale rot and blister disease in boa constrictors.

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Recycling Batteries/ Battery Disposal

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Recycling Batteries/ Battery Disposal

Recycling Batteries

If you like to get rid of the old and/or used batteries stored in your garage or barn, but you don’t know how to properly dispose them, do you just put them in a garbage bag along with the other trash? That’s probably what most people do. But, there are other ways to dispose the batteries – ways that are safer and more environment-friendly.

Recycling batteries is an environmental effort to reduce and ultimately eliminate the number of batteries being disposed as regular solid waste. Batteries contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals that can lead to water pollution and soil contamination, if not properly disposed or recycled.

Different states or countries have different policies and regulations in place when it comes to recycling batteries. In some places, there are recycling centers that have partnered with either the battery manufacturers or the local government. Though recycling batteries is common nowadays, you may still have a hard time finding locations where you can bring your used batteries. If that is the case, you may contact your sanitary landfill operator or the battery manufacturer.

Moreover, the Battery Act of 1996 aims to phase out the use of mercury in producing batteries. It also promotes the process of collecting and recycling rechargeable batteries so the toxic chemicals and heavy metals in the batteries will be reused and not tossed into the environment or the landfill.

Heavy metals tossed into the landfill is harmful because when it reacts to rainwater, it will produce a toxic substance that can seep into the ground water and contaminate the water supply.

Aside from preventing environmental hazards, the recovered plastic and metals can be used to create new batteries or products.

The recycling process varies depending on the battery type and its chemical components. In fact, the recycling process starts by categorizing the batteries into different types. For instance, lead acid batteries should be separated from lithium-ion batteries. Fire and explosion might happen if lithium-ion batteries will go into the same recycling stream as lead acid batteries.

Lead acid batteries include motorcycle batteries, car batteries, commercial batteries, golf cart batteries, marine batteries and more. The recycling process starts by breaking the battery into pieces in a hammer mill. Different materials – plastic, lead, sulfuric acid – are placed into different recycling streams.

The plastic pellets from battery cases will be recycled and reused as new battery covers. The lead from the battery grids and other parts, as well as the lead oxide will also be recycled and used to produce lead for new battery grids and lead oxide.

Sulfuric acid (electrolytes) can be recycled in two ways. The sodium sulfate crystals from used electrolytes can be recycled to be used in new batteries or sold to textiles or detergent manufacturing companies.

Millions of batteries are produced each year. This means that without proper battery disposal, tons of toxic chemicals and heavy metals can harm the environment every year. Your safety and your children’s future lies in your hands.

Recycling batteries is beneficial to everyone. Instead of following the “take, make and toss” economic model, recycling reinforces the “take, make and reuse” model that will help the generations to come.

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What Is Planer Used For and What to Look For When Buying It

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There are dissimilar types of planers, but the term frequently speaks of a carpentry tool or a woodworking machine. Hand planers or wood planers, are carpentry hand tools utilized to shear down wood surfaces to decrease their thickness and make them soft and level. A planer is a sort of tool expended to create straight edges and flat surfaces along the full length of a wooden board. While there are hand-held planers present, the label generally refers to a woodworking machine. A thickness planer is a similar woodworking machine utilized to produce boards of level thickness.

What Is Planer Used For

  1. Power planers were produced in place of the manual planers, which were tough to work with, demanding skill to develop a clean cut.
  2. The power planer is also speedier, as it can grasp a thicker cut from a board than a manual plane can.
  3. Nonetheless, power planers can’t do the whole thing that a manual plan can, particularly the numerous molding functions that were firstly done with planes.
  4. Power planers land in both handheld and stationary prototypes.
  5. The stationary ones are more restricted in the kinds of things that can be done on them, though they can liftoff more material at one pass and create a miles wider cut.
  6. Handheld planers, while restricted in their thickness of cut, are not restricted in the size work piece that they can operate on.
  7. They can even be expended on hardwood floors.
  8. A stationary planer is expended merely to tidy up wood that has been sawn on sawmill, re-sawn on a band saw, or requires to be sheared thin for a project.
  9. It cannot be expended for the rims of a board, but just for the surface.
  10. Even so, for what it does, there is no other tool which can take its place.

What to Look For When Buying a Planer

When looking for a planer there are numerous points to reflect on;

Planer Dimensions

When looking for a planer the primary thing you need to consider is the planer’s space. This should match the sort of work you are going to utilize it for. Purchasing a transferrable planer for use in furniture development is not handy, as you can’t plane the entire width of a board with it. Attempting to expend a bench-top planer for amending the width of a door won’t operate either, as you can’t fix the door in it.

Engine Ability

The sum of power that the motor bids is an essential factor, as a stronger motor will let you to perform thicker cuts with the tool. This is particularly important when functioning with dense hardwoods, like oak or maple.

Blade Edges

Other than that, the most significant portion of any planer is the blade or blades. The more blades they have, the even a cut they will deliver. Blade geometry is vital as well, as a spiral cut will be nifty for smoother finish.

Fence and Shoe

The fence and shoe of any planer should be created of hard-wearing cast metal, and be ground very level. Otherwise they will root difficulties with catching the wood and making inadequacies in the finish. If the plane has a sloping fence, it can be expended quite well for developing chamfered edges. Without a fence, you will have to do that as a freehand cut, which would possibly end up rough.

Depth Alteration

All planers have a depth amended on them. The comfort of use and correctness of this adjustment is crucial for guaranteeing that the work comes out as envisioned. The depth adjustment must confine place, to stop it from drifting during the cut.

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Handy Tips for Expending a Moveable Drill Press

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A moveable drill press is a basic necessity in command to alter a cordless drill into a drill press. This would be very valuable as if producing perpendicular openings. It is also very appropriate for working with in the work site as well as it can be a feasible route to floor or bench mounted drill press. Since, standard components will be much more expensive as well as costly, so basically this is a real bargain-basement of a deal. So, in order to work with a handy drill press, you need to learn how to work with a drill press appropriately. These are the 10 beneficial tips for working with a convenient drill press.

Study the Owner’s Booklet Warily

Understanding the owner’s guidebook is very significant, subsequently it will clarify you all the claims besides you will be accustomed with the negatives and the credible difficulties concerning drill press device. Observe these next Vital Protection Measures.

Wood Toiling Space

1. Firstly, never ever forget about the neatness of your work area.

2. Never ever force your instrument.

3. Don’t disremember to attire the eye safety.

4. Avoid exceedingly baggy attires as well as jewelries

5. Avoid disproportion circumstances whilst using, plus inspect the parts frequently to certify that they are not broken or dented, as well as are in a impeccable functioning state.

Assure the Drill is Secure

Firstly, you have to make certain that the drill is absolutely fixed with the shaft before beginning for work. Similarly, certify that the tad is attached to the chuck firmly. You have to make it absolute certain that the base plate is firmly sheltered to a bench with clamps or a vice. Next, always use the drill press on a simple surface, just in case you are using it in the field. All these measures will protect you and they will make sure that the drill is producing straight openings.

Create a Sample Hole

It is worthwhile that you create a demo hole on a part of wood before you start boring, that will permit you to have an impeccable piece of quality timber.

Position the Extent of Hole

It is very valuable when you create recurring openings of the similar deepness. For this you are required to put the drill press at the verge of a workbench. Subsequently, you are needed to press the drill down till it extents the preferred depth. At this instant, tighten up the depth stop thumb screw.

The Countersinking Depth

You are needed to make certain that you are using a countersink bit, whilst using countersinking. Afterwards, you have to fine-tune the extent of drilling to the essential countersinking deepness.

The Perspective Drilling

To accomplish angle drilling, you have to substitute the guide bars and line up the index mark bar containers. Furthermore, you are required to work with the angle recommendation marks on top of the root plate to choose the preferred angle. At this moment, simply bore by the drill guide flush as well as timber to sort an opening.

The Threshold Drilling

So as to rest the drill centrally on the brink of a piece of matter, you must place it on the verge to be drilled. At this time, swipe the root plate till it becomes in connection with the work piece.

Drilling Curved Hoard

You can work with V-blocks while drilling, so that you can hold round stock.

The Boundary Sanding

You can accumulate numerous bore presses on the lowermost of a bench as of verge sanding. Similarly, you can achieve edge sanding whilst having it in your hand.

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This Summer You Need to Consider Buying an Inverter Battery

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With summertime striking this time of year, the electricity catastrophes for lengthy periods are bound to occur before long. Merely the limitless stream of holdup electricity can guarantee, you do not have to sense the trickily scorching weather every once in a while.

The Thing about Inverters

Relying on your home, the amount of electrical machines that you expend frequently or you want throughout electricity breakdown chooses what sort of inverter battery you must purchase. Resting on the sum of fans, TV, or extra electrical apparatuses that you want to expend, inverter batteries are mostly considered for. Afterward receiving the impression how much machines are expended, you must make even the networks to the inverter mark. There are numerous kinds of inverters with their batteries that grab tons, as per each person’s necessity.

Inverter Batteries Have Various Facets

  • The forceful grid strategy avoids erosion in the optimistic covers to expand life expectation by lessening the battery’s dilapidation amount.
  • The little antimony amalgam aids in lessening the water release from the battery and styles it well tailored for bottomless release inverters.
  • Great electrolyte substance safeguards perfect implementation and excellent rechargeable ability.
  • Covers with twofold fatness provide wide-ranging defense in contradiction of tremors and pulsations.
  • Laid-back to care
  • Use with best solar battery or best battery for solar

The marketplace is submerged with numerous kinds of inverter batteries and those that come with an incomparable power with wonderful features and a budget-friendly price tag are good options. Such kinds of good batteries ensure that you have good electricity backup system during the summertime. Place orders for those brands that have a wide range of batteries and let you buy them online. You should read the customer’s views when you will order a battery via online. The sweltering summertime is barely a few weeks forward. So, do not disremember to twist on your inverter and purchase an inverter battery that will permit you to omit the warmth effortlessly.

How to Purchase the Inverter Battery

Batteries that are made with the latest Japanese technology and are bought by a lot of customers should be the safest ones to pick. Imported machines are great for selection because their battery power is so much better and long-lasting as well. Make sure, when you go to a shop, it should contain batteries in all shapes and sizes, plus the shop should have an online portal as well for quick contacting and ordering.

The Ease of Internet

Actually, anybody can straightforwardly purchase inverter battery online to fetch non-stop electricity source to the household. Rather than going out to the marketplaces, it’s modest nowadays to just sit down in the ease of your house and choose from an in-depth variety of batteries. Cost also is an issue that assists consumers a great deal, and you will be able to buy inverter batteries at a very reasonable price through online websites.

So, invest in an inverter battery to keep the darkness at bay because you deserve nothing better, than to keep a lighted house in the summertime at all hours.

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Alright alright alright

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Alright alright alright it’s another earlier bless day above ground for me today ok I’m always sharing my life’s strange situations , I’m feeling very bless by just knowing that my God has onece again showed me something about ppl & situations I’m to grown to be thinking about the Devils ppl oh know I’m washed in the blood of Jesus theirs no reason for the devil to still be at me for wanting to better my way of life , you no in our own space & time we must stand for something because when we act as if everything’s okay theirs always someone to bring your spirit down well ️know not me I’ve come to this conclusion that it’s alright for others to hate on ur well being it’s just sad that as a mother who luvs so unconditionally that at times she has to look pass her own children in order to reach her golds remember god has something for everyone who try’s I’m only one person but when it’s time to pray I come together with two or more so that the father here’s my crys& I also no he knows my heart to my children praise the father that I’ve been Abel to see you’ll grown unto good parents that alone is a testimonie in its self you’ll no mommy has came along way from being selfish into a loving woman of age I Luv all mines as God loves this world enough to give his only begotten son for us to live in thankful I’m also screaming out loud THANKYOUFATHER 👏👏👏 for loving me enough to get to this point I want to wish everyone a bless day PLZ reach out and give A helping hand to someone who needs ur help and know that jesus will return ur good deeds back unto you two fold : blessings : joy : peace & happyness I Luv the new me I’m walking in faith this feels good deep into my soul be happy 🎉😘😅😃👏👏👏👉💒👉💒🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😇👼🙌🎊🍭

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God make it clear through His word (The Bible ) what is right and wrong.

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12316630_1097679753583917_2399964550116856936_nHE already sets the standard on how to live a life that is pleasing to HIM. It is true that God is a loving God and He also loves the sinner Luke 19:10 (basically that’s all of us) but we should also remember that He had already done His part on showing us sinner how HE loves us so much through His son Jesus Christ who died on the cross (John 3:16).

But we cannot always use HIS love for us to continually sin and continually disobey HIM. Salvation is already available but only those who believe/acknowledge (Acts 16:31, Romans 10:9) , repent (Acts 11:18, 2 Peter 3:9). And if Christ is already in us we will turn our back from sin and focus on His will and His commandments. We are separated from God because of sin.

God is loving, merciful God but at the end He will still judge us accordingly and it is based on how we respond to His calling and how we return the favor and love He gave us.. God loves the sinner (agape love) but is not fond (pheleo love) of sin.

None of us is perfect, we all have our own mistakes. We have disobeyed God in our own ways (Romans 3:23) The only difference that will matter to God is what did we do about those sins and mistake? Did we ask forgiveness and turn away from them? Or are we continuously doing it thinking that God will understand and still love us because He’s kind, loving and compassionate. God will never hate the sinner but He also cannot tolerate sin.. God will continue to love the sinner and seek for them but judgment is inevitable and when the day of judgement comes He will. Judge us accordingly. If we repent on our sin like God will forget our transgression totally (Hebrews 8:12).

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Many questions from my daughter in the Lord and this time she said how do you defeat rumors? Aaaah crazy!

Rumors are the waste problems one can ever encounter in life, rumors can damage a person’s reputation and consequently damage relationships.

Rumors can make the other person upon whom rumors are being made to be unheard, people usually tend to concentrate on the rumor without regard to the consequences if it it is found to be untrue. For a while the person rumored will be trying to get attention from everybody and it won’t work out until after some days/weeks/months and someone gets sober minded and honest enough to allow the person to be heard.

Everything comes to him who waits. I was once rumored badly by a fellow pastor, I tried to talk and no one heard because that pastor was know and powerful, people ran away from our church but 5 years later his life style changed, his old ways were uncovered by God. 5 years later people could not look me into the eye, people began to reveal all the trash that they heard but I forgave my fellow pastor.

Another time I received a false accusation and I waited until 3 years later and the matter was sorted out with prayer.

Another time for 6 years to clear a misconception created by a member of the church. Waiting is a wonderful virtue.

1. Submit to God
2. Prayer is the best place to be.
3. Love is the guiding power through the days
4. There is always a day of truth. Everything comes to him who waits. I once received a false accusation and I waited until 3 years later and the matter was sorted out with prayer. The other time it was after 5 years.
5. Accept that those who make rumors have friends who trust them and its not easy for that trust to break, you can not convince them overnight but God is the one who makes our minds sober, a day will come when they will think and bow and say sorry.
6. Learn to forgive
7. Get lessons from each event that happens
8. Strengthen others that are going through it.

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The Paradox

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~The Paradox~

“One thing I feel that on one side is such stupid, useless people, the other side are such great seekers. And how to reach them? Like a diamond covered with lot of mud. So much mud. It’s all mud. In that to find out those diamonds, to dive into this mire of ignorance, to get out these diamonds which are lost. It’s such a concern, that I feel sometimes that this mud is going to cover their brains, their ego, everything, and they may not receive their Realization. They may miss this point.
Actually, Divine does not know what human beings have created. Really, I tell you, Divine has no ideas what nonsense you have created around. All kinds of nonsense you have created out of your ignorance, out of your ego, out of your choice that you had. I can’t explain why people have created this kind of ignorance which cannot be broken, cannot be removed. Because they are so much identified with it. It’s like a stuck-up stamp which cannot come out of people. And when such a thing happens you feel, Oh, God! The whole creation has been created, whole working has taken place, the human beings have grown so well, out of a amoeba they have been brought to this stage. Now in this modern times you find the human beings so stupid, so foolish, and deluding others with their stupidity and foolishness.
How are we to approach the people who are true seekers? Have been seekers for ages? Those who have sought for years together, all their lives before, who are lost. Sometimes it is very, very disappointing. But still, hoping against hopes, I hope we reach all the corners of this universe where we find all the people who are true seekers.”

~Shri Mataji~

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 17.50.21

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Out Father in Heaven Has Told Us How to Talk with Him

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Out Father in Heaven Has Told Us How to Talk with Him…. When we pray, we should tell our Father in Heaven the things we really feel and need. We should not say the some words every time we talk to Him. We do not need to chant or shout.
He has told us the way to talk to Him. We should speak directly to Him, saying: “Our Father in Heaven,” or similar words. We should speak to Him with love and respect …Next……we should thank Him for the things He has done for us.;;;; These are some of the things for which we should thank Him:
1. We should thank Him for the beautiful earth and for our food, clothing, and other Possessions.
2. We should thank Him for the His teachings and for our ability to learn more about Him.
3. We should thank Him for our family and friends, our good health, and our job.
We then ask Him for the things that we need. These are some of the things for which we might want to ask Him.
1. We can ask Him to help us know which things are true and which things are not true.
2. We can ask Him to protect us and our family and neighbors.
We can ask Him to help us to do the things He wants us to do.
4. We can ask Him to help us to choose to do right things.
5. We can ask Him to help us to repent of our sins.
6. We can ask Him to help us to obtain enough food for the day.
7. We can ask Him to help us to solve our problems .
8. We can ask Him to help our family or friends to solve any problems that they have.
WE should end our prayer by saying,” In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”
This help us to remember that Jesus is our Savior. Jesus works under the direction of our Father in Heaven to help us with all the things we need.
We should speak Jesus’ name with respect.

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